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World Water Day 2018 reminds us of our short-term supply problem. How can technology help?

Held annually on March 22, it is now the 25th year that Protec Arisawa joins World Water Day 2018: As a global leader in FRP pressure vessels for water purification treatments, we are concerned by this matter.

Today, almost 2 billion people lack access to daily and safe drinking water. In addition, nearly the same population lives in potentially severely water-scarce areas. That number is expected to rise to 3 billion by 2050. As leading engineers, what can we do to address this problem?

On World Water Day, universal access to our vital liquid remains a privilege, when it should be a universal right. “To defend the earth and to safeguard water is to protect life”. Even Pope Francis has posted a tweet on the occasion, reminding the big challenges we are facing.

Experts predict that water demand will exceed supply by 40 percent in 2030. Innovation and technology can create sustainable ways to find new water sources and improve the systems already existing. However, finding a solution depends exclusively on us.

What is World Water Day?

World Water Day, as its name suggests, is an international day of awareness focusing on the ongoing global water issues. Just take a look around: Even countries with huge hydrographical resources like Brazil, Canada or China will face significant water challenges in the coming decades. Droughts, floods and pollution: In many communities around the world, water management challenges are increasing in contexts of both abundance and scarcity, creating social and economic confrontations with worrying consequences.

In addition to human catastrophes, we can witness how severe droughts can intensify critical situations caused by social, political, ethnic and religious tensions. Water is also used as a weapon: Palestinian people, for example, are facing serious shortages in water supplies and poor infrastructure to manage their few available sources.

Investments in hard services and water infrastructure are very important. However, to achieve success with these investments, we need new approaches and, ultimately, innovation. We are 

engineers and creators: We need more people focused on the social, economic and politicalchallenges we are increasingly facing while managing our water.

Past and present, innovation leads the way

In the 18th century, ships carried their own 

desalination plants onboard to ensure clean water supply during long journeys. Seawater was boiled and then condensed. The liquid obtained had almost no salt, and the resulting brine was removed. Quite a simple process, in fact. Advances in reverse osmosis technology in the 1960s made this water purification system more readily available.

Now, the energy required to obtain fresh water from the oceans is more affordable and sustainable. Today, more than 18,000 desalination plants operate in 150 countries, and the process requires 80 percent less energy than was needed 20 years ago.

World Water Day 2018 emphasises the need for each country, state and region to assume its responsibility, and guarantee access to quality water for everyone, especially the most disadvantaged. At Protec, we develop the technology and products to make possible a fair exchange of water resources in the future. Our goal is to contribute in this global challenge, building the XXIst century tools to ensure rational and responsible use of water, both at local and global level.

United Nations’ International Decade of Action “Water for Sustainable Development”, 2018-2028, has just started. As a global leader in FRP pressure vessel for water purification, at Protec Arisawa we understand that the role of businesses in the responsible stewardship of our most vital natural resource is most important than ever.

Our technology at the service of water.

With the technology currently available, there should never be water shortage, particularly when industry can work in partnership with local, regional and national governments to help guaranteeing clean water supply. Protec Arisawa is well aware that desalted water is expected to fulfil new and innovative functions, especially as the support of a wide range of economic and human activities in coastal areas. Therefore, we keep working everyday to deploy our solutions to serve people, industry and water conservation.