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Unveiling the molded head TEC Model


Protec Arisawa is introducing the advanced TEC model* pressure vessel that features a single molded head assembly. The solid molded end cap design provides a fully corrosion resistant head. This unique design eliminates the risk of permeate port leaks and makes for a single part replacement during the life of the vessel. The incredibly strong material of construction makes this vessel head suitable for high temperature applications and resistant to damage by aggressive water treatment chemicals.

The TEC model is the next generation of pressure vessel design. As with all Protec vessels, the TEC model is produced following strict ASME testing criteria and manufacturing procedures. It features the same efficient and easy to use pull ring as our PRO models with an added strength in the permeate port.

TEC Features

  • Corrosion proof head design
  • Glass filled Noryl™ material construction
  • Single molded assembly
  • Full range of 1.5” – 4” side ports available
  • High quality end-cap brass inserts
  • Engineered & designed to ASME standards

TEC Benefits

  • No permeate port leaks
  • Ability to remove head safely with T-pulls
  • Suitable for high temperature applications
  • Single part replacement
  • Use of industry standard pull ring
  • Chemical resistance
  • Follows ASME testing criteria

*ASME code stamp not available for this model.