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Protec Quality

Highest Quality Product Available

Our products are expected to last the entire life of the RO system. To ensure the life of the pressure vessel, we have selected the best materials and used the newest technology for filament winding. When you select PROTEC™ products, you get the best RO Vessels in the worldwide market.

Operational Excellence and First Time Quality

First time Quality and Operational Excellence are our focus. When facing complex situations, our R&D Team provides the best Technical Support as well as a huge degree of Customization. We are the reference for Customer Care & After Sales Assistance. We also display a supple and adaptive Lean time Production Line to meet the most urgent time demands.

Leak Free Reliability

PROTEC™ pressure vessels are all tested including the specific heads that will be shipped with each vessel. This attention to detail allows us to claim the best leak-free reliability record in the industry. Nobody wants to deal with leaks caused by poor workmanship, low quality materials or insufficient in-house testing. With Protec Arisawa, you receive high quality leak-free vessels, first time every time.


We are designing and producing 100% of our Vessels following the ASME Code, the most respected International Safety Standard Regulation upon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pressure Elements written specifically for fiber reinforced plastic pressure vessels. Upon request, PROTEC™ pressure vessels can be supplied with an ASME Code stamp and a National Board Registration number.

Side Ports Range

Protec Arisawa displays a great range of different types of permeate port connections. The Side Port length can be adjusted to meet your skid design requirements at any case. Besides, we are able to provide in all our vessels with a very accurate side port position due to our CNC machining Division allowing optimal skid construction and minimizing stress on the side port during operation.



Certification list

Best Materials

When it comes to FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Pressure Vessels, the materials of construction play a very important role. The materials determine the life of the vessel and well as the corrosion resistance and the purity of the water produced.

Metal Components

Metals are also used for some components. Our Side Ports are designed & produced out of top quality pipe to avoid any corrosion issue in the future end. The metal is selected for strength, corrosion resistance, purity and durability in service always meeting ASME/ASTM requirement, being 100% lot traceable to the serial number of each vessel.

Plastic Components

PROTEC™ pressure vessels use thermoplastic components when corrosion resistance is critical. We select them for strength, corrosion resistance, purity and durability in service. They are domestically manufactured & certified to meet ASME/ASTM requirements and listed by NSF for potable use, being 100% lot traceable to the serial number of each vessel.

FRP Shell

PROTEC™ pressure vessels are filament wound using fiberglass roving and a custom blended epoxy resin system that has been cured at an elevated temperature for dimension stability and long life. The resin has been specifically formulated for long cycle life as well as improved cure for better performance in tough service environments. All shell materials are domestically manufactured & certified to meet ASME requirements and 100% lot traceable to the serial number of each vessel.

Operational Ease

Our Vessels have a smooth internal surface to optimize the membrane loading and avoid the bacteriological growth inside. We have imposed the quad seals for the heads of our vessels being the head installation faster and easier to get a perfect seal. We work every day to provide with a better use experience. As an example, you can exchange some of our Vessels elements, such as joints, without need of removing couplings and Side Ports, something capital and relevant in a Plant daily routine.

Special Products

Protec is a Composite expert organization providing technical solutions for most of the Industrial Sectors requiring alternatives and creative developments with these materials.

We are providers for a number of Industrial fields (Electrical, Chemical, Shipping, Transports, Telecom,..) a variety of products (Rolling insulating panels and plates, Molding by compression (SMC), Poltrusion, Manual Molding,…)

Our Composite materials have many advantages for different applications (Electrical and Thermal insulation, Lightness, Chemical Resistance and Hardness, Design options,..) offering you a complete Engineering & Production Methods & Technical Assistance catalogue.