image ¿How changes in rainfall level can modify freshwater availability? image So far, 2018 is being an excellent year for Protec Arisawa

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Protec returns from IFAT full of optimism and new ideas.

IFAT 2018 was a not-to-be-missed trade fair: as leading manufacturer in FRP pressure vessels for water purification processes, Protec Arisawa was expected to deploy and showcase state-of-the-art solutions at this event, unique for networking, knowledge sharing, innovation and new business opportunities. Once again, we have exceeded all expectations thanks to our know-how and experience!

For those who are not yet familiar with this meeting, IFAT is the stage on which the most important companies in the water sector present the technologies of the future for a cleaner environment. Protec Arisawa could not miss this opportunity!

New technologies for the future of water

Microplastic membrane filters, digitally linked pumps, waste containers with sensors, more efficient wastewater recycling and 4.0 transformation of the entire industry… Each and every subject was simply fascinating! For five days, more than 3,300 exhibitors and 141,000 visitors focused on the main issues and the latest technologies related to water, wastewater, waste and raw materials management. The innovations in new membrane manufacturing techniques and new processes to improve desalination technology have also been in the spotlight.

Emerging themes such as decentralized treatment solutions that promote water reuse, recycling, or the recovery of resources contained in wastewater, attracted the attention of a great number of visitors, as well as new techniques in detection, quantification and treatment of micropollutants.

Beside, this 2018 edition has driven the public discourse more actively than ever before. As the Managing Director of Messe München Stefan Rummel underlined, “the public sphere has been heavily involved, and this was reflected in the visits of international politicians, the numerous delegations from all over the world and technology experts who came to share ideas, experiences and know-how.”

Our conclusions for IFAT 2018

In the XXIst century, the water industry still has a wide variety of practical issues that are yet to be solved. Climate change makes rainfall and floods more violent and unpredictable: there is no magic formula on how to react to these negative effects. IFAT has been a great setting for the development of global solutions, since single operators cannot make decisions on preventive measures without consulting other stakeholders such as communities or governments. This edition has witnessed how representatives of urban planning and wastewater management departments of cities from all over the world expressed their strong will to cooperate, especially between departments.

Protec Arisawa’s visit to Munich has been a complete success in many ways: we have met the most important actors in our sector and discovered new technologies; IFAT has definitely been the perfect spot to learn about the latest trends and developments of a water treatment activity that represents a growing market for both governments and the private sector.

Why does Protec Arisawa attend these global events?

Nowadays, the modern concept of a trade show as a commercial meeting is an indispensable marketing tool used in a global way to accelerate both relationship building and sales mechanism over short terms. Considering the influence and importance of this congress, we are strongly convinced that this kind of activities and meetings are highly positive for our development. For example, potential customers interested in products or services, such as those offered by Protec Arisawa, are much more likely to find out about our customized FRP pressure vessel solutions at a trade congress.

Furthermore, IFAT is also responsible for generating not only new areas of knowledge and creating opportunities for water-related research projects, but also for promoting innovation and creating new businesses in new, growing sectors, as well as providing workers with new skills.

Observing, understanding our competitors and comparing ourselves has been a most enriching experience at Messe München, considering that IFAT is the world’s leading exhibition since its creation in 1966 and a unique opportunity for all professionals in the sector. The next edition will be held from 4 to 8 May 2020 at Messe München, the Munich Trade Fair Centre. And, needless to say, Protec wil be there.