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Protec Arisawa will supply vessels to Agadir plant

Protec Arisawa will produce the pressure vessels for Agadir desalination plant. Abengoa affiliated company, Abengoa Water, has relayed on Protec Arisawa for the production and provision of the pressure vessels for the plant which, once finished, will become the biggest desalination plant in Moroco.

The plant will use the most modern ultra filtration pre-treatment systems and reverse osmosis technology to desalinate sea water. The plant will supply 100,000 m3/day of drinking water to more than 800,000 people in the region. It will also ensure the drinking water supply and water security in the zone, further contributing to the development of the tourism and agricultural industries that are the main economic drivers of this region.

Protect Arisawa will supply a sum of 928 pressure vessels designed and produced following the ASME Code. Depending on the model each vessel will be three or four side ported designed and produced out of superduplex stainless steel so as to avoid corrosion.

Protec Arisawa has produced and supplied pressure vessels for the biggest desalination plants that Abegona Water has developed lately around the world.

  • Barka desalination plant in Oman: 45.000m3/day
  • Chennai desalination plant in India: 100.000m3/ day
  • Honaine desalination plant in Algeria: 200.000m3/ day
  • Qingdao desalination plant in China: 100.000m3/ day
  • Skikda desalination plant in Algeria: 100.000m3/ day
  • Tenes desalination plant in Algeria: 200.000m3/ day