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Protec Arisawa will provide 3,960 pressure vessels for the largest desalination complex in the world

Once again, global leaders in desalination plants design and construction –Abengoa and Fisia Italimpianti– have relied on Protec Arisawa pressure vessels for their most important project: an expansion of the largest reverse osmosis desalination plant in the world, at Shuaiba power and desalination complex (Saudi Arabia).

At Protec we live and work every day to take part in the most ambitious projects, both from an industrial and technological viewpoint. This is why we are proud to announce the award of an order that will challenge our production capacity, our innovating spirit and our commitment to quality, which is our hallmark.

FRP reverse osmosis pressure vessels for the biggest plant in the world

Indeed, Protec Arisawa will manufacture and install 3,960 high-tech pressure vessels for Shuaibah III, a huge energy and water purification complex located 90 km south of the city of Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia. To be noted: this order is divided into 2,800 high-pressure vessels (1,200 psi) and 1,160 low pressure vessels (450 psi), intended to fulfill the reverse osmosis process requirements of a major project aimed at meeting the region’s increasing demand for water.

Our state-of-the-art pressure vessels will be the key elements of Shuaiba transformation into the world’s largest desalination complex, guaranteeing a stable supply of quality water from the Red Sea coast to the cities of Makkah, Jeddah, Taif, and Al-Baha.

The new facilities of the second expansion of Shuaiba III Seawater Desalination plant will have a production capacity of 250,000 cubic meters of purified water daily. Thanks to the 3,960 Protec FRP pressure vessels, the whole complex will be able to desalinate up to 400,000 cubic meters per day applying the newest reverse osmosis techniques: A volume of water equal to 400 Olympic pools, making this Saudi plant the largest desalination site in the world, in addition to Shuaiba’s current desalination capacity of 150,000 cubic meters through reverse osmosis and 850,000 cubic meters using multi-stage evaporation.

Our partners in this project

As global leaders in FRP pressure vessels for reverse osmosis water purification treatments, Protec is sincerely pleased to collaborate once again with the major players in this sector, as are Abengoa and Fisia Italimpianti, two companies sharing markets, challenges and goals.

In a joint venture with Fisia Italimpianti, Abengoa will be responsible for developing the engineering, supply and construction of the project ‘Shuaiba III Second Water Expansion Seawater Desalination plant’, being ACWA Power the project’s awarding authority which will coordinate the overall process for the final customer: The state-owned salt water conversion company, Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) of Saudi Arabia.

Abengoa is a Spanish international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating electricity from renewable sources, converting biomass into biofuels and producing drinking water from seawater. Abengoa and Protec Arisawa have operated as partners in several projects, such as the Agadir water treatment plant, where the production and provision of the reverse osmosis pressure vessels for the biggest desalination plant in Morocco was entrusted to our company.

Fisia Italimpianti is a world leader for the design and execution of desalination and water treatment plants. This global group is a worldwide known industrial engineering player, reputed for their designed, built and refurbished engineering plants, as well as their civil and industrial works all over the world. Desalination and water purification are today at the root of their renewed business strategy.

The Red Sea is an immediate and future market for desalination processes due to the growing number of membrane desalination plants in the region, especially in Saudi Arabia, where Protec’s membrane filtration systems have already successfully set foot.

This major hit in the Middle East is the best proof that Protec Arisawa has further reinforced its leadership position in pressure vessels for desalination industry in this region since we are already deploying our unique professional expertise in several mega-projects. Thanks to this new expansion of Shuaiba III reverse osmosis seawater treatment facilities, we now have the opportunity to strengthen our commitment to this region and its most valued clients.