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Protec Arisawa pressure vessels in Campo Dalías

Protec Arisawa presure vessels in Campo Dalía

Veolia Water Technologies has just inaugurated Campo Dalías, one of the biggest desalination plant in Europe. So as to built the plant, it has been required a total of 12,810 membranes and the construction of 41 km of distribution pipelines.

Protec Arisawa has taken part in the project suppling 1.398 pressure vessels of 8” diameter and 1200psi design pressure and 425 pressure vessels of 8” diameter and 1000psi  design pressure.

Protec Arisawa is the global leader for the design and the manufacturing of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels for membrane filtration systems. With three production sites located on three different continents and over 40 years of experience in filament winding, Protec Arisawa is your supplier of choice when it comes to selecting high-quality pressure vessels with leading technology.