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Protec Arisawa is present in some of the busiest airports in Europe

FRP Vessels are not only used in the Water Treatment Field and Protec Arisawa is also present developing and acting in different applications far away from the most usual ones.

One of those fields is the design and production of Pre-Conditioned Air units (PCAs) conductions for planes parked in the airport and connected to the terminal with Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs) for the last 2 decades. In this case, there´s a structure of 3 vessels connected and perfectly airproof to provide the selected temperature in the airplane cabin with its engines off.

The vessels combination has an independent automatic system to recover the internal hosepipe following the movements by the finger in the coupling maneuver with the plane fully integrated in the vessel structure. In the very end the vessels count with elements to house the flexible connections to be connected to the plane.

The vessels have a complex internal composite structure to allow their own smooth movements within the other ones in a telescopic motion, providing at the same time a perfect tightness avoiding any air leaks and reducing, hence, the energetic cost of providing the plane with the right temperature at every movement.

fingers-1According to the specific finger design specifications, the vessel structure can have up to 3 different bodies which can be extended to their maximum length in case of need. Both the finger and the AC piping structure are connected to the terminal and the AC engine with a global element allowing both elements to swing to adequate and adapt themselves to the plane positioning, reducing the adapting effort for the flexible elements.

Protec Arisawa has the trust and prestige earned after almost 20 years experience in this field, being Protec products present in some of the busiest airports in Europe, spending a good deal of R&D effort on adapting ourselves to the newest finger generations and air traffic global industry requirements.