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Premium-quality customized vessels and record deadlines. How do we achieve it?

Communication and transparency are high value-added assets when offering a service or product, whether in commercial, industrial or financial terms. At Protec, we want you to know how we work, from your first call to the delivery of a new supply of top-quality high Fiber-Reinforced Plastic pressure vessels.

Global market’s pace and the new macroeconomic flows involve the adoption of cutting-edge working methods. As it happens in other sectors, the capacity to quickly adapt an industrial process to customers’ specific requests has become a critical factor for all kind of industrial suppliers and manufacturers. This is why leading companies such as Protec try to improve and expand their knowledge every day.

It is therefore essential for us to keep an open attitude towards learning from our partners, customers and providers. As can well be seen, flexibility and transparency in communication are essential values at Protec Arisawa.

Need a specific pressure vessel? We will build it for you

First of all, you should know that Protec has the best quality standard vessel models, but we also work on highly customised projects requiring specific knowledge and technologies. A detailed individual analysis of your project allows us to share our know how and experience: we are pioneers and leaders in reverse osmosis pressure vessels manufacturing thanks to our ability to adapt ours designs to the new specific demands of the 21st century. Learn more about our customised developments!

In this regard, Protec Arisawa has developed the most appropriate processes and technologies to produce innovative pressure vessel solutions satisfying specific needs with excellent product and service quality.

Flexibility and innovation: The keys to reach the highest quality

Today, we must be confident in our flexibility and reactiveness. In the middle of a new digital and immediate era, producing high-quality vessels to rest in a warehouse waiting for a buyer is currently meaningless. Therefore, our daily commitment is to design, create and produce in real time the perfect vessels for your project.

When it comes to matching the exact requirements expected for each single vessel, Protec deploys a complete array of options and different alternatives to offer you the ideal device you really need for the system you have designed, beating the most severe deadlines.

Our motto could be “Quality and innovation dedicated to your customised project”. That’s right, we take care of everything: our mission is to build every necessary element for your project in our own industrial facilities and using the most advanced materials and technologies. Protec is the only company than can guarantee total control throughout the whole process, from the design and manufacture of each vessel to its installation on site. All pressure vessels are designed and, if required, certified according to ASME X requirements and 100% lot traceable.

Protec: an open-minded experienced team

Come and visit us! At Protec, the notion of “partner” prevails over that of “supplier”: we want to become trusted partners of our clients. Discover by yourself how we can reach these quality standards in all our services: we depend on the expertise and dedication of our team, made of professionals who manufacture each model from scratch with self-designed innovative solutions.

Just take a look around: at Protec Arisawa, communication and proximity are essential for our daily commitment towards our clients. No matter the size of the project you wish to complete, our experienced human team and our technical resources will always be at your service. We want to stand next to you and support your decisions in every step of the process, from your first call to the delivery of your brand new pressure vessels. Our three production sites located on three different continents allow us to reach any place in the world, ensuring the highest quality in all our products and industrial procedures.

When it comes to selecting state-of-the-art technology for Fiber-Reinforced Plastic pressure vessels design and manufacturing, Protec Arisawa is your supplier of choice. From Sardinia to Saudi Arabia, from South America to Asia, we will be on site to support and monitor your project, offering the most adapted and innovative solution in our field for each phase.