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Our Pressure Vessels more easily recognizable

Protect Arisawa continues developing its strategy of applying innovation to every production and management process. This time the company has focused on the pressure vessel appearance.

The products are designed and fabricated following the usual technological process but from now on customers will easily recognize them because they will have Protect Arisawa logo on them.

Protec Arisawa is the global leader for the design and the manufacturing of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels for membrane filtration systems.

With three production sites located on three different continents and over 40 years of experience in filament winding, Protec Arisawa is your supplier of choice when it comes to selecting high-quality pressure vessels with leading technology.

Protec Arisawa will take part in IDA World Congress 2015
Protec Arisawa will take part in IDA World Congress 2015

Protec Arisawa will participate in IDA World Congress 2015  with a big stand and a numerous delegation made up of both Europe and American teams.

Senior Directors and Sales Managers from Protec Arisawa America and Protec Arisawa Europe will be in San Diego from august 30th to September 4th to assits clients, suppliers and friends who want to come over and visit us.

IDA, World Congress is the premier global event in the desalination and water reuse industry.  The Congress offers exceptional opportunities to expand knowledge of current and emerging desalination and water reuse technologies.


Pressure Vessels in Carlsbad Desal Plant in California
Protec Arisawa Pressure Vessels in L.A Times

The L.A Times has just published an article about Carlsbad desalination project. The plant, located in California, is being built out of Protec Arisawa Pressure Vessels.

According to the American newspaper “this is the largest desalination plant in the western hemisphere and will generate 50 million gallons of potable water a day. The plant will serve about 300,000 people, which is about seven percent of San Diego County’s water supply”.

The Carlsbad plant is expected to begin operation by Thanksgiving 2015.

A sum of 2200 Protec Arisawa Pressure Vessels with size 8” diameter and design pressure of 1,200 psig are being used in the project.

Protec Arisawa Pressure vessels are fabricated & tested in accordance with the engineering standards of the Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) section X.

For Carlsbad project Protec Arisawa decided to manufacture the pressure vessels in the factory located in California.

Read the complete article here

Protec Arisawa Pressure Vessels in West Africa

The plant, inaugurated by Abengoa in Ghana, is already able to supply 60.000 cubic meters to the cities of Teshie, Tema y Nungua whose population is experiencing strong growth.

The project included the development of the infrastructures necessary for the capture of sea water, the application of pre-treatment system by ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis desalination, currently the newest technology and the use of efficient solutions for energy recovery among others.

Almost 588 pressure vessels fabricated & tested by Protec Arisawa, in accordance with the engineering standards of the Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) section X, have been used in the project. These pressure vessels were manufactured according to project specifications: design pressure 1000psig and size 8”.

The desalination plant has a wide acceptance among the Ghanaian authorities and the local population because it will improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of the region.

Protec Arisawa on the cover of The New York Times
Protec Arisawa Pressure Vessels on the cover of The New York Times

The prestigious news paper dedicates part of its cover to stand out the proliferation of desalination plants in USA.

The New York Times explains in a detailed article how a technology “once dismissed as too expensive and harmful to the environment” is becoming indispensable for more and more countries around the world. Metropolis investing billions of dollars in the industry, small ocean desalination plants up and running in a handful of towns, estates studying the issue, benefits facing up to inconvenients.

Protec Arisawa plays a leading role in this industrial revolution designing and manufacturing high quality Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels for membrane filtration systems.

Read the complete article here.

mirfa news protec arisawa
Degremont relies on Protec Arisawa for Mirfa Project in Abu Dhabi

Protec Arisawa will provide Degremont with the Membrane Housings in the Mirfa project which will combine existing and new facilities to offer a power capacity of 1,600 MW and a seawater desalination capacity of 52.5 MIGD (238,665 m3/day). The total investment cost of the project is approximately $1.5bn, funded by a mix of debt and equity.

Degremont will handle the reverse osmosis facility. The Suez Environment subsidiary was last month awarded the contract by Masdar to build an energy-efficient pilot desalination plant, powered by renewable energy.

Degremont will be responsible for the design, engineering, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and evaluation of the pilot plant, over the course of 18 months.

Iran news from protec arisawa
Protec Arisawa focusing on Iran Market

Protec Arisawa is being part of the latest Fluidex Commercial Mission in Iran, an Industrial Powerhouse in the Gulf Region, developing an already ample and diversified Customers Portfolio in the area.

As the population of Iran continues to grow, so does the demand on the water sector. In recent years water extraction and consumption rates have steadily increased leading to shortages throughout the nation.

Iranian government has decided that the best way to secure water resources for the future is through the development of the existing water network.

news offshore brazil from protec arisawa news
Offshore applications growing steadily (Brazil)

Protec Arisawa has established as a main actor for the Water Treatment Industry within the Offshore Operations, having been recently trusted by VWS WESTGARTH for the P67, P70 and P76 and Degremont for the P74.

Our vessels are regarded as a sure bet within an activity where Technical specs and requirements are the highest ones about Water Treatment Industrial Processes. Their strength and reliability allow them to provide full assurance to our customers

granadilla news from protec arisawa
Protec Vessels will be fited out in Granadilla Project (Canary Islands)

Cadagua will fit the new Desalt Plant out in Granadilla (Canary Islands) with PROTEC Vessels in a European region relying heavily on desalinated water. The project has a total cost of €16m and it´s expected to produce in its 1st phase 14k m3/day and increase up to 21k.

There´s even a 3rd phase already designed to grow up to 42k m3/d to completely assure water supply for this part of the Tenerife Island.

This project is vital for the South of Tenerife, as the huge hotel population in the area requires an stable water supply with the required quality.

desalia news from protec arisawa
Protec Arisawa FRP Vessels selected by Desalia for a plant in Alexandria

Desalia has confided Protec Arisawa FRP Vessels for a new, 24,000 m3/d (6.3 MGD) SWRO plant west of Alexandria, near the city of Matrouh. The plant, which will provide potable water meeting WHO standards, is being built for the Armament Authority for Egypt’s Ministry of Defense.

Plans call for an open ocean intake located 625m (2,000 ft) offshore and a 325m (1,070 ft) brine discharge line. Each of four 6,000 m3/d (1.6 MGD) trains will be preceded by multimedia filters and equipped with Energy Recovery PX ERDs. The plant is scheduled for completion in April 2016