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MTC 2022: Las Vegas

The Membrane Technology Conference explores how the latest developments in membrane technology can enhance water reliability and quality.

Each MTC features technical podium and poster sessions, pre-conference workshops, facility tours, networking and a comprehensive Exhibit Hall. Join us to explore how the latest developments in technology can enhance water reliability and quality through membrane filtration, reuse, desalting, RO/NF/MF/UF and MBR for water treatment. The MTC planning committee is working hard to create an outstanding 2022 technical program!

Conference Topics will include:

  • Membrane Development, Research, and Innovation
  • Plant Operation, Maintenance, and Management
  • Reuse
  • Project Planning and Design

  • Membrane Filtration Applications
  • Planning and Operations
  • Concentrate Management
  • Seawater Desalination
  • Experts in the Round – Roundtable networking forums

Zero Leaks: Technical Services


Protec Arisawa has you covered with all the replacement parts, field service support and operator training to ensure your system is operating leak-free and safely. 

The membrane housing is meant to be a closed system and all water should be contained within and all leaks stopped as soon as possible. The outside of the vessel, especially the head area, is not designed to be wet and no sitting water should be present. Protec can help you identify the cause of vessel leaks, get the proper replacement parts and provide our expert team to fix them. 

Protect your asset! No leaks or external water should be tolerated on your system. Subject to operational uptime, seals have an average life of 3-5 years and should be inspected and changed regularly. High and low pH exposure can decrease the life of a seal and the frequency for change will vary depending on how the system is operated and cleaned. 

Enough seals for at least 10% of the vessels should be kept in stock at an operating facility and changed regularly. It is important for every operating plant to keep a safe level of shelf spares on site for emergency and routine maintenance. Permeate ports, thrust cones, membrane adapters and shims are common items that should be on hand.

  • Have you checked your seals lately?


  • Did you know vessel leaking and external water can damage your vessel?

  • What spare parts do you have in stock?


  • Want to know how to prolong the life of your vessel and safely operate the membrane housing?


Protec Arisawa’s field service team provides operator training and general maintenance guidelines to ensure seals are secure and the vessel integrity has not been compromised. Our highly experienced field service engineers and technicians will efficiently and expertly disassemble, clean, inspect, and replace all the parts of the pressure vessel to ensure seals are securely placed and the vessel’s integrity has not been compromised. Fixing leaks and keeping vessel heads dry will ensure the safe operation of the system and prolong the life of the vessel. Should you need assistance in troubleshooting pressure vessel leaks, please contact Protec Arisawa or your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). 

Protec Arisawa keeps a large inventory of spare parts at our factory in Vista – CA, for immediate delivery to OEMs and End-users.  All vessel parts should be kept clean and free of debris and corrosion. All internal and external vessel parts should be regularly inspected for possible cracks or wear.  Contact your authorized Protec Arisawa representative or account manager today for part numbers and pricing. 

Contact Protec Arisawa, or your system OEM, for parts pricing, trouble-shooting and field service assistance to get your plant leak free and ensure you have a safety stock of all vessel parts.


Aquatech 2021: Amsterdam

3 Reasons Why Aquatech Amsterdam is a Must Visit!

Connect with 18,000+ water experts & meet your suppliers and business relations.

Learn about the latest & innovative water technologies to solve water challenges.

Enhance your knowledge at the thematic HUBs on:

  • Industrial Water
  • Desalination
  • Digital Water
  • Resource Recovery
  • Water Quality
  • Smart Pumps

Unveiling the molded head TEC Model


Protec Arisawa is introducing the advanced TEC model* pressure vessel that features a single molded head assembly. The solid molded end cap design provides a fully corrosion resistant head. This unique design eliminates the risk of permeate port leaks and makes for a single part replacement during the life of the vessel. The incredibly strong material of construction makes this vessel head suitable for high temperature applications and resistant to damage by aggressive water treatment chemicals.

The TEC model is the next generation of pressure vessel design. As with all Protec vessels, the TEC model is produced following strict ASME testing criteria and manufacturing procedures. It features the same efficient and easy to use pull ring as our PRO models with an added strength in the permeate port.

TEC Features

  • Corrosion proof head design
  • Glass filled Noryl™ material construction
  • Single molded assembly
  • Full range of 1.5” – 4” side ports available
  • High quality end-cap brass inserts
  • Engineered & designed to ASME standards

TEC Benefits

  • No permeate port leaks
  • Ability to remove head safely with T-pulls
  • Suitable for high temperature applications
  • Single part replacement
  • Use of industry standard pull ring
  • Chemical resistance
  • Follows ASME testing criteria

*ASME code stamp not available for this model.

Protec Arisawa in the Sorek 2 Project by IDE

Protec Arisawa , has announced the award by IDE of the contract to supply its sea water PROTEC pressure vessels for the large Sorek 2 project with a capacity of 200 million cubic meters of fresh water. The plant will become one of the largest in the world.

Protec Arisawa reinforces its presence in the US market

Protec Arisawa wants to become a leader in the US water industry, so it has made a strong bet with the new sales team that will lead the U.S. headquarters. Three professionals with a great balance of technical and commercial capabilities and skills, who will manage three strategic areas: East, West and Central. 
Taryn Doyle, Nathan Lovell and Carlos Camero will be the new account managers in these three locations; East, West and Central, respectively. 
Despite the change, the company’s head office will remain in California, from where Protec Arisawa works tirelessly to achieve its goal of becoming a reference for the US sector.  
With this last change in the company, Protec Arisawa wants to create a competitive and united team that can solve all the daily needs of our clients.

January 2020: First sales meeting of the year

The Protec Arisawa Sales Team is ready for the challenges of the new year. Between January 27th and 31st, the first sales meeting has taken places at our premises in Bilbao, Spain, with our colleagues from US and Japan.

During the event, team members have discussed and agreed on learned about the new goals and strategies for 2020 and enjoyed a day of exchanging impressions and team building.

Protec Arisawa wants to be grateful for their time, positive energy and dedication to build a solid company with a very promising future. 

Protec Arisawa presents Protec Avanza

In Protect Arisawa we like to communicate about our projects, events and general information about the corporation with you. In order to get this, we have created the new Protec Avanza, a magazine created for our team members, with which you can stay updated on all the relevant aspects of our company.

Protec Arisawa continues to work on its purpose to create a great team. For this reason, we feel specially proud to share this initiative with you. 

Arisawa: Hitachi’s Annual Vendor Award 2019

Arisawa: Hitachi’s Annual Vendor Award 2019

Last week, Protec Arisawa received the Annual Vendor Award 2019 from Hitachi HQ as one of its most valuable partner for the support given to Hitachi Aqua-Tech Engineering Pte Ltd for their first project in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Toda, Board Member of Arisawa Manufacturing Co. Ltd. received this recognition on December 12th from Mr. Nakatsu, President of Hitachi Plant Service and General Manager of Water・Environmental Business Unit of Hitachi, on behalf of Arisawa Company.

Protec Arisawa at the Aquatech Amsterdam 2019 

Protec Arisawa has been present at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019, the world’s leading water trade show for process, drinking and waste water.

The event is specialized in technology, equipment and services for water treatment and it gets structured into four main segments: drinking and waste water treatment; transport and storage; process control and automation technology; and point-of-use technology.

This biennial fair, has been held from 5 to 8 November, with more than 25,000 attending water experts and more than 1,000 exhibiting companies from 140 countries showcasing their products and services at the showroom and AquaStages.

During these 4 days, an extensive programme of educational and inspiring seminars and presentations on the latest trends and developments in the industry has been carried out. As Aquatech Amsterdam is all about innovation, it also offers a platform to explore the latest trends, products and services in one place with information on best practices and progressive solutions for the industry.

Protec Arisawa would like to thank all the attendees and visitors to our booth for their interest in our company and solutions.