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2017: another great year for Protec Arisawa

New deals, new projects and a significant success achieved through innovation, quality commitment and hard work.

Let’s have a look at the 2017 review: in many ways, it has been a great and profitable year for Protec Arisawa. We are proud of our activity and results, as we have improved our market share in strategic areas and new geographies, especially in the EMEA region. The rise in global demand for membrane filtration systems indicates that Protec Arisawa will undoubtedly benefit from this new network expansion strategy.

Besides, our global strategy is supported by an enhanced international presence: this year Protec was present at the IDA World Congress (São Paulo) and Aquatech Amsterdam, the two main events gathering the latest trends in new water treatment technologies, innovations related to hydrographical applications and all the new techniques for water purification processes.

New markets, new challenges

Protec’s state-of-the-art expertise will be present in new markets and major challenges. Our presence at this kind of meetings will continue in 2018: in future scenarios, desalted water will support a wide range of economic and human activities in coastal areas, fulfilling new and innovative functions. The IDA World Congress and Aquatech are perfect scenarios to expand knowledge in the latest emerging desalination and water reuse technologies, where the most important actors share their knowhow.

New success in the APAC region

Extensive droughts and climate changing conditions create new commercial challenges in several markets affected by critical hydrographical conditions. However, we have once again reinforced our leadership position in pressure vessels for desalination industry with major hits in Middle East and Asia, an area where Protec will deploy its unique professional expertise in several mega-projects. New clients and new business are waiting us!

The Middle East and Asia region is an important future market for desalination processes due to the growing number of membrane desalination plants in the region, especially in Saudi Arabia, where Protec’s membrane filtration systems have already set foot. In addition, climate changing conditions in North America and Southern Europe anticipate a market expansion for all technologies related to water purification processes. Technology advancement in increasing efficiency of water filtration will be key to winning shares of this new market.

Innovation and quality

However, innovation never stops: Protec has an important client list of already awarded orders. This promising new business, as well as ongoing projects, will allow us to continue growing in 2018 in a solid and sustainable manner. But that’s not all! We remain focused on R&D activities in close collaboration with our North-American and Japanese colleagues.

Finally, our strong daily commitment ensures the highest quality in all our products: through innovation and using the latest technologies, we continue working every day to improve the quality of our products and services for all our customers and partners.

Come and visit us! Together, we can explore every possible solution to develop the right pressure vessel for each specific case and field of action.

As a conclusion, Protec is proud of all the hard work, commitment and motivation deployed by the whole staff. We close 2017 with a very strong backlog position that will make our growth a reality in 2018. Our confidence and optimism for the year to come are live up to our expectations. Using innovation and technology, we strive constantly to improve our products and services and offer the best quality to our customers, enhancing reliability and effectiveness.